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    Specialist Mortgage Brokers

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    Simplify Mortgage Process

    Arranging a Specialist Mortgage is Complicated

    A lot of uncertainty is involved in the process:

    • How much can you borrow?
    • Different lending criteria for each lender.
    • Thousands of mortgage products to choose from.
    • Several parties are involved.
    • Complex paperwork & red tape.
    Arranging a Specialist Mortgage is Complicated

    Speed Matters to Secure a House Purchase

    Ask Rana any of your mortgage questions for free. By asking a question to a specialist mortgage broker, you can minimise the risk of:

    • Losing a house.
    • Choosing an expensive product.
    • Wasting time
    Speed Matters to Secure a House Purchase

    Customer Success Stories

    Excellent highly recommended.I was given various sorts of mortgage options, not just the usual routine searches. All queries dealt in with appropriate responses from solicitors, estate agents and banks. All my questions were answered in simple language and replied to emails promptly.

    Dr Abdul Nasir (GP)

    Thank you, Rana, for the excellent service. Always getting back on time and being frank+honest.

    Anusha Toolsy (NHS Manager)

    When it comes to mortgages, Rana always demonstrates in-depth knowledge. I’ve been working with him for over 10 years now and I’ve no hesitation in referring clients to Mortgage Minds.

    Peter Bastiampillai (Solicitor)

    Buying a Home Should Not Be That Difficult, Confusing or Stressful

    I feel lucky to be part of hundreds of customers’ homeownership journeys. There is no better feeling than guiding my clients to buy their first or dream homes.

    Buying a Home Should Not Be That Difficult, Confusing or Stressful

    How to Get a Specialist Mortgage Advice

    Follow the three simple steps below to get free initial mortgage advice to become a homeowner, landlord or save money on your remortgage.

    1. Message Rana

    Begin a chat and let Rana know about your mortgage needs. Rana will get in touch to schedule a call where you can discuss your requirements in more detail and explore how he can assist you.

    2. Schedule a Call

    Rana will conduct a thorough fact-finding session to understand your mortgage needs. This will help him research and provide the best mortgage advice suited to your requirements.

    3. Apply for a Mortgage

    Once you’re satisfied with the recommended mortgage product, Rana will handle the completion and submission of your mortgage application on your behalf.

    Specialist Mortgages Made Simple

    Why go to one bank?

    You compare house prices when you buy the house,

    why not mortgage rates?

    I can compare thousands of mortgage rates from all the major banks in the UK before advising you on the right rate for you. Let me help you simplify the process of getting a mortgage, save time & money.

    Specialist Mortgages Made Simple

    Specialist Mortgages

    Self-Employed mortgages

    For individuals with irregular income or those who are self-employed.

    Buy-to-Let mortgages

    Specifically for those looking to purchase property to build up a rental income portfolio.

    Adverse credit mortgages

    Geared towards individuals with less than perfect credit history.

    Expat mortgages

    For UK citizens living and working abroad looking to invest in property in the UK or remortgage the existing property they have in the UK.

    Holiday let properties

    Individuals looking to finance properties intended for short-term holiday rentals.

    HMO mortgages

    Properties designed for multiple tenants require specialised financing for HMO buy-to-let arrangements.

    Rana Can Help You Simplify the Process of:

    • Becoming a homeowner
    • Moving home
    • Buying your investment property
    • Saving on your remortgages
    • Choosing protection

    I have been guiding customers to becoming homeowners and landlords for more than 12 years now. I also have access to exclusive mortgage rates through the legal and general mortgage club to save you money on your purchase or remortgage. Please note that I do not offer mortgages that are only available direct from the lender.

    Rana Can Help You Simplify the Process of:

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