• Vendor hasn’t owned the property for a certain minimum period

    Mortgage Minds Mortgage Minds This could be one of the unfortunate situations you can come across when buying a property because many lenders do not lend on a property if vender (person selling a property) does not own the property for a certain period for example six months. It will be worth asking your estate […]

    Struggling to get mortgage on a next door property

    The purchase of an adjoining or adjacent property encompasses two scenarios: It’s surprising but true that many high street lenders are hesitant to lend if you’re purchasing or remortgaging a property adjacent to one you already own. Lenders are concerned about the possibility of consolidating both properties into one, which could potentially compromise their security. […]

    Property purchased with bridging finance, and need a day one remortgage

    Mortgage Minds Mortgage Minds Most lenders do not do remortgage on a property, which you bought cash or using bridging finance within the last six months (day 1 remortgage). If you’re struggling to do remortgage on your recent purchase, we can help. Give us a call on 02080909386 or email us using the comment box below.

    Getting a mortgage on a house that is split into 2 flats

    Mortgage Minds Mortgage Minds Getting a mortgage on a house, which converted into two flats is not easy because most lenders tend to stay away in this sort of situation. There could be different scenarios such as: If you need help in these scenarios I can help, please feel free to message me to discuss […]